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Our Story

The Well Executed Small Batch Whiskey

Jim Moeller and Jimmy Todd personify that old alcohol industry friendship that goes back. Way back. Four decades back. 

Jim Moeller first met Jimmy Todd 40 years ago while working at Gallo. Jimmy was the Sales Manager in Gallo’s Myrtle Beach distributor and the two Jims instantly became friends, finding common ground in their love for high-end whiskey. “We always talked about owning a whiskey company together. It only took 40 years to figure it out,” says Jim Moeller. “The Executioner was born from our love in discovering small batch whiskeys really. We would taste from a barrel here and a barrel there in distilleries owned by our friends.” 

For a long time, the two have shared the view that negociants have the most enviable profession in the alcohol business. And so, after long careers in distributor sales and brand marketing, they decided to realize their shared dream job through the launch of their own ultra-premium whiskey brand, The Executioner.  

When the two Jims set out to make an “impossible-to-get” straight rye whiskey, they knew they needed the closest thing to bootlegger blood that they could find. Enter master-distiller, Mark Weaver.  

Mark is the owner of MBW Brands, operating out of Waxahachie, a southern suburb in Dallas, Texas. “The three of us have been friends for years,” says Moeller. “One day, while visiting Mark’s distillery, I discovered a small stash of 7-year-old Kentucky prime straight rye whiskey in barrels just resting there,” he remembers. 

Weaver, the son of a bootlegger understands great whiskey and Moeller knew that his stored gems would represent perfect renditions of The Executioner’s first and future releases; and so, he invited Jimmy Todd to Waxahachie to sample from Weaver’s barrels. Upon first taste, The Executioner’s fate was sealed. “I found a smooth, easy-to-drink whiskey with a touch of spice, resting in the perfect aging climate of Texas,” says Jimmy Todd. “Finding aged whiskey that has been stored in ideal conditions is not a simple task,” he adds.  

Friends for 40 years, Jim Moeller and Jimmy Todd have seen many changes in the spirits business, but one thing that hasn’t changed is their love for great whiskey. The Executioner is truly born from a partnership based on a passion for the alcohol-making process. “Mark Weaver has given life to some precious, small batch offerings which we plan to bring to market under The Executioner label,” says Moeller.  

Bottlings are limited to twice a year and will be rare small production offerings. Moeller states, “we want to be the holy grail of whiskey. After our first release we expect to have whiskey aficionados seeking our next offering.” 

The Executioner retails for $149.00 

For information on where to find contact: theexecutionerwhiskey@gmail.com 


  • jtodd@galaxymarketingassociates.com


  • For information on where to find contact: theexecutionerwhiskey@gmail.com 

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